DINAH SHORE - Six Classic Albums (4CD)

Six Classic Albums (4CD)

שנה: 2017
סגנון:  אולדיז

CD 1

1: It all depends on you
2: Falling in love with love
3: Medley
4: Sentimental journey
5: (The one i love (belongs to someone else
6: I'm old fashioned
7: Our love is here to stay
8: Taking a chance on love
9: Yes indeed
10: It's easy to remember
11: East of the sun
12: I hadn't anyone till you
13: When i grow too old to dream
14: Something to remember you by

CD 2
1: Medley
2: I only have eyes for you
3: My buddy
4: Somebody loves me
5: The man i love
6: April in paris
7: That old feeling
8: I've got you under my skin
9: Then i ll be tied of you
10: Sleepy time gal
11: My melancholy baby
12: My funny valentine
13: It had to be you
14: I ll be seeing you
15: If i have you

CD 3
1: Bye bye blues
2: (I can t face the music (without singing the blues 
3: Someday sweetheart
4: It s funny to everyone but me
5: Who
6: I can t believe you are in love with me
7: I ain t got nothing but the blues
8: Lucky in love
9: Do nothin till you hear from me
10: It s all right with me
11: Skylark
12: Lover, come back to me
13: Chantez, chantez
14: Jim
15: Blues in the night
16: It s so nice to have a man around the house
17: Mad about him, sad without him, how can i be glade about him
18: The gypsy

CD 4
1: Dear hearts and gentle people
2: Blues in advance
3: I ain t down yet
4: Laughing on the outside
5: Buttons and bows
6: Roll on mississippi roll on
7: Way down yonder in new orleans
8: Moon country
9: The devil is afraid
10: Any place i hung my hat is my home
11: South
12: Down home rag
13: Sunday in savannah
14: Mississippi mud
15: I am coming virginia
16: Do you know what it is to miss new orleans
17: Carolina in the morning

פרטי מוצר

  • תאריך יציאה:13/07/2017
  • תאריך יציאה מקורי:
  • חברת הפצה בארץ:Special Import/ יבוא מיוחד
  • חברת תקליטים בחו"ל:Real Gone Music
  • ברקוד:5036408191823
  • סגנון:אולדיז
  • מספר יחידות (במוצר):4
  • פורמט:CD
  • פורמט נוסף:
  • שפות:
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