About Our Store

Disc Center is the first, the largest and the cheapest CD store in Israel, it's also one of the last independent music stores left in the country.
The store was established at the Dizengoff Center mall in Tel Aviv in 1986 and is still located there. Over the years Disc Center has become an institution for the music-loving community in Israel.
At Disc Center we carry large selection of CDs and Vinyl records from all genres and styles. We take pride for having the best prices available in the market alongside a professional team of consultants with an extensive musical knowledge and background that provides personal attention to each and every customer.
In the store you will be able to find an amazing collection of music from all of the top record labels, worldwide and local as well, you can also find a diverse selection of CD's from the best indie labels and artists. We stock Electronic music, Israeli, Pop Rock, Alternative, Oldies, Oriental Music, Hip-hop, R&B, Classical music, Jazz, World music and much more as well as a big variety of DVD and Blu-ray with a vast selection of movies ,TV series and live performances.