Eight years!! after his last album, Offer Nissim is finally back with a new double album packed with hits
Offer, who in recent years conquered all the European capitals and played at all the most desirable and successful gay parades and festivals, is releasing a sensational album with brand new never before heard material alongside official remixes for Madonna, Michelle Obama and the Israeli divas Rita, Dana International, Rivka Zohar, Ilan Peled and of
!!course Maya Simantov
CD 1

01 Rivka Zohar – IIn’est Pas Comme Hier – Offer Nissim Remix
02 JHUD - Prayers For This World - Offer Nissim Remix
03 Offer Nissim Feat. Zach Adam - You Need My Love
04 Offer Nissim - Completely Yourself
05 Offer Nissim Feat. Maya Simantov - Let Me Live
06 Ivana Lola Feat. AC & Get Far – Don't You Hide (L.I.B.) - Offer Nissim Remix
07 The Trash Mermaids - Cryptic Love - Offer Nissim Remix
08 Billie Ray Martin - The Glittering Gutter - Offer Nissim Remix
09 Offer Nissim Feat. Deborah Cox. - My Air
10 Offer Nissim Feat. Meital De Razon – I Turn To You
11 Offer Nissim Feat. Rita – ALAI

CD 2
01 Madonna - Living For Love - Offer Nissim Living For Drama Mix
02 Offer Nissim – Africa
03 Offer Nissim Feat. Maya Simantov – Cheating Love
04 Offer Nissim Presents Ilan Peled – Apricus
05 Offer Nissim Presents Ilan Peled – Haw Haw
06 Michelle Obama All-Star Girl Power Anthem - This Is For My Girls – Offer Nissim Remix
07 Offer Nissim Feat. Cim W - I Wanna Be With You
08 Offer Nissim Presents The Bitches -S Ain't No Mountain
09 Vali - Ain't No Friend Of Mine - Offer Nissim Remix
10 Lara Fabian - Growing Wings - Offer Nissim Remix
11 Offer Nissim Feat. Dana International - We Can Make It
12 Offer Nissim Feat. Maya Simantov - Everybody Needs A Man
13 Offer Nissim X Ania Bukstein – ROKEDET
14 Offer Nissim Feat. SAILO - Gotta Be Cool

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  • תאריך יציאה:12/12/2017
  • תאריך יציאה מקורי:
  • חברת הפצה בארץ:דיסק סנטר
  • חברת תקליטים בחו"ל:
  • ברקוד:7290017353128
  • סגנון:מוסיקה אלקטרונית, house, new york house
  • מספר יחידות (במוצר):2
  • פורמט:CD
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