THE MOODY BLUES - Days Of Future Passed Live [Blu-ray] THE MOODY BLUES - Days Of Future Passed Live [Blu-ray]

(I'm Just A Singer (In A Rock And Roll Band
The Voice
Steppin' In A Slide Zone 
Say It With Love 
Your Wildest Dreams 
Isn't Life Strange
I Know You're Out There Somewhere 
The Story In Your Eyes 
The Day Begins 
Morning Glory 
(Dawn (Prelude)
Dawn Is A Feeling 
(The Morning (Prelude
Another Morning 
(Lunch Break (Prelude
Peak Hour )
(Tuesday Afternoon (Forever Afternoon
(Evening (Time To Get Away
(The Sun Set (Prelude
The Sun Set
(Twilight (Prelude
Twilight Time 
Late Lament 
Nights In White Satin
(The Night (Finale
Ride My See-Saw
Remembering Days Of Future Passed

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  • תאריך יציאה:03/05/2018
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  • חברת תקליטים בחו"ל:Universal Music
  • ברקוד:5051300534578
  • סגנון:רוק, רוק מתקדם (פרוג), DVD/דיוידי, הופעה חיה
  • מספר יחידות (במוצר):1
  • פורמט:BLU-RAY
  • פורמט נוסף:DVD, CD
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