DON GIBSON - The Very Best Of (2CD)

The Very Best Of (2CD)

שנה: 2019
סגנון:  קאנטרי


1. Sea Of Heartbreak
2. Gentle On My Mind
3. Oh Lonesome Me
4. I Love You Because
5. Why You Been Gone So Long
6. There Goes My Everything
7. I'm All Wrapped Up In You
8. Any Day Now
9. A Perfect Mountain
10. 10 Today I Started Loving You Again
11. My Elusive Dreams
12. Don't Take All Your Loving
13. Doin' My Time
14. Games People Play
15. Is This The Best I'm Gonna Feel
16. Oh, Such A Stranger
17. Touch The Morning
18. There She Goes) I Wish Her Well)
19. If You're Goin' Girl
20. Fan The Flame, Feed The Fire
21. Don't Stop Loving Me
22. I'll Come Running
23. Country Green
24. When Do We Stop Starting Over
25. You've Still Got A Place In My Heart

1. Green Green Grass Of Home
2. Blue Blue Day
3. Bring Back Your Love To Me
4. Guess Away The Blues
5. Snap Your Fingers
6. (I Don't Think I'll Ever (Get Over You
7. If You Want Me To I'll Go
8. Heartbreak Avenue
9. How I Love Them Old Songs
10. I'd Be) A Legend In My Time)
11. (If You Ever Get To Houston (Look Me Down
12. Sweet Sensuous Sensation
13. Drinking Champagne
14. I'll Sing For You
15. Dealing With The Devil
16. Yesterday Just Passed My Way Again
17. Move It On Over
18. Things Have Gone To Pieces
19. You've Got To Stop Hurting Me Darlin
20. She Cheats On Me
21. Forever One Day At A Time
22. Someway
23. I Heard That) Lonesome Whistle)
24. Here Comes The Rain Baby
25. My Way

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  • תאריך יציאה:17/07/2019
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  • חברת הפצה בארץ:קמע
  • חברת תקליטים בחו"ל:Not Now Music
  • ברקוד:5060143497209
  • סגנון:קאנטרי
  • מספר יחידות (במוצר):2
  • פורמט:CD
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